Service Opportunities

Service is an important part of Scouting and Camp Delta is always available for Scouts to do service projects. For more information on service projects or suggestions for service projects at Camp Delta, please contact us on

Some possible service projects include:

  • Removal of wild dagga plants in the lower area – These plants have been taking over the space in the lower area of the campsite, and need to be pulled out and piled for future burning. This needs to be carefully done to avoid spreading seeds.
  • Firewood – Large logs at the campfire circle need to be chopped smaller for campfires.
  • Ring road bollards – Planting additional wooden poles along the ring road
  • Wooden poles – Creosote/treating the various wooden bollards, poles and fence uprights around the campsite
  • Lower gate area – Paving the high-traffic area through the lower gate to prevent erosion
  • Cub hall – Enlarging the veranda area in front of the Cub hall
  • Old tents in containers – These tents have been in the containers for several years, and need to be set up and checked for completeness
  • Firewood area boma – Construction of a wooden “boma” around the firewood pile near the campfire circle
  • Poles in storage area – Sorting of the poles in the storage area behind the bathrooms
  • Upgrading the pole storage area – The pole store itself is not quite sufficient to protect poles against the weather
  • Creating angled parking – Levelling the old road area and creating angled parking bays to improve parking availability at the grounds

This list is not exhaustive and we’re always interested to hear if you have any other ideas!